Artificial Grass for Dogs and Pet Areas

Enjoy your own pet friendly grass lawn

Artificial Turf for Your Pets

Desert Artificial Grass gives pet owners the right safe and high quality artificial turf products designed for pets. These syntethic crass products are completely safe for pets, and you can rest assured that there is nothing that will put the health of your beloved pets at risk. We have years of experience designing and installing custom artificial lawns for people who own animals, and know how to create beautiful looking landscapes with no dead grass spots.

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Pet Friendly Artificial Grass

Our artificial turf products are popular among homeowners with pets because they are safe for pets, and require very little maintenance. 

Aside from those benefits, they are also environment friendly and cost-efficient without sacrificing durability and aesthetics, which means they are suitable not just for pet playgrounds. They can also be used for normal playgrounds, both private and public. Our artificial grass products and services also cover Residential, Commercial, Putting Greens, and Playgrounds.

Choosing the Right Artificial Lawn for Your Pet

Artificial grass is safer for both you and your pet than natural grass, so it makes sense to choose artificial grass instead. You can let your dog out as much as he’d like without worrying about damaging the appearance of your lawn. With Desert Artificial Grass lawns, your yard will look beautiful for years with minimal maintenance! We’ve designed many outdoor lawns for homeowners across the area who want to add a pet-friendly space to their yard. We use recycled materials in our synthetic turf, so you can be sure that it’s environmentally friendly. And with heat reduction technologies, your lawn will stay cooler for longer periods of time. We back our products with a manufacturer’s warranty Contact us today to start your design consultation.


There's no need to worry about your pet's health as our artificial grass
are all pet safe. and will not harm your beloved animals.

Prevent Bad Odors

Our artificial turf is coated with an antimicrobial element
that will prevent bacteria buildup, thus preventing odors from being absorbed by the yard.


Even if your pets had lapses in litter training, our synthetic lawn systems
are non-absorbent so it will be easy to clean compared to traditional grass or carpeting.

Easy Clean Up

Cleaning and maintenance is straightforward, because
our synthetic lawn can drain hundreds of inches of water easily.





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