Are you looking forward to installing artificial grass in your backyard? If yes, then you should know that choosing the right type of turf is essential. The wrong choice could ruin your lawn or even cause health issues.

Artificial grass has become very popular over the years due to its durability, low maintenance cost and ease of installation. There are two types of synthetic grass – monofilament and polyethylene. Monofilament is better suited for hot climates whereas polyethylene is ideal for colder regions.

There are several things you should consider before buying artificial grass: 


The best way to protect your artificial turf is to install a drainage system. This will help prevent puddles from forming under the surface of the turf and it will keep the turf looking great for longer.

If you are installing synthetic turf over concrete, asphalt, or another type of ground that doesn’t drain well, add a layer of gravel beneath the turf. Then, use a grinder to smooth out the gravel. You should do this every six months.


Before digging up your lawn, check for underground utilities like gas, water, electrical, fiber optic cable, telephone, and sewer. You’ll want to know where the buried utility is located, how deep it runs, and what type of protection it needs. If there are existing drains nearby, make sure they’re covered during construction.

Why Does the Ground Need to be Prepped for Turf?

The ground beneath your turf needs to be prepared correctly before installing the turf. If it isn’t done correctly, you could find yourself with a sunken area or even holes. This can cause damage to the roots of the grass, which can lead to premature death of the plant.

There are several different ways to prep the soil, including digging out the entire yard and filling in the hole with sand or gravel. Another option is to use a mulch product like pine bark chips or wood shavings. These products help hold moisture in the soil while keeping the surface soft and smooth. They’re also beneficial because they break down naturally over time.

If you don’t want the whole yard to be dug up, you can still prepare the ground. Desert Artificial Grass are experts and can work around the need for digging up the whole yard. Once the ground is ready, the turf can be laid directly onto the soil. What is important is to make sure the sod doesn’t touch any objects that might puncture the root system, such as concrete or rocks.

Want Everything Done Properly? Hire a Professional

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